Monday, February 5, 2018

Pega CLSA App Build Exam

If you have already appeared for Pega CLSA App Build, please feel free to share your preparation schedule with us :
  • How recently you have appeared for exam.
  • What is the difficulty level.
  • What references are used for preparation.
  • Any mock tests you gave prior to exam.
  • Any suggestions you would give to your juniors.
Please share your experience. It would definitely help/motivate someone clearing the examination.


  1. Hi Pavan,

    First of all, let me congratulate you for the excellent blog! This is really good stuff. It's evident that you have applied a lot of thought before posting articles here. (Unlike others, your blog does not look like a rip off of Pega Academy/PDN.

    Coming to the point, I appeared for my CLSA part 2 in Nov 2017. I went with the continuous 7 days pattern. I got into AppFix cos I scored above 65% but below 70%. I completed the Appfix in Jan 2018. The result came in Feb and now I am a CLSA(woohoo!).

    I found the question to be quite difficult. I had to work for 17-20 hours per day to finish whatever I could. It is definitely worth the pain though.
    The scenario was quite interesting. Not something which we do in our day to day work. They make sure to cover something from every module and you have to use OOTB components to achieve all of it.

    I went through the lessons on Pega Academy and since I had already worked extensively, I was quite aware of how to do a lot of things. There were few things which I had never done before the exam. Finishing the exercises from Pega Academy should have helped. I highly recommend doing it. Follow best practices and work on the fastest way of completing a requirement. That should help a lot!

    I didn't have any mock exams(apart from the one given on Pega Academy). Can't share any questions due to the NDA.

    The pattern has changed a lot now and there are a lot of prerequisites. The best source of information and study material is still PDN and Pega Academy.

    Wish you all the best!

    1. Thanks Chetan!!!
      Congratulations for clearing Pega CLSA.

      Preparation pattern you shared here will really help many people who would be appearing for certification in future.


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