Monday, February 5, 2018

Pega CLSA Architecture Exam

If you have already appeared for Pega CLSA Part 1 certification, please feel free to share your preparation schedule with us :
  • How recently you have appeared for exam.
  • What is the difficulty level.
  • What references are used for preparation.
  • Any mock tests you gave prior to exam.
  • Any questions you would like to share (atleast one favorite question).
  • Any suggestions you would give to your juniors.
Please share your experience. It would definitely help/motivate someone clearing the examination.


  1. I have cleared Pega CLSA Architecture exam on July 2019. Below is the way I have prepared for the same.

    - Covered the PDN course for Pega CLSA Architecture.
    - Exercises are must. And I managed to complete most of them except few like Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery
    - Sorted the topics by weightage given in the blueprint, and prioritized them
    - Identified my strong areas like Security, Authentication, Authorization, Deployment, Case Management, Enterprise Design. And made the revision couple of times
    - Once course is finished, have reset all the quizzes and attempt to solve all the quizzes.

    Once you are done with the above, you are just 50% complete with your preparation. Ideal step comes where you have to register for CLSA Architecture clinic exam. Book a slot which suits you, and make sure you participate in that webex without fail.
    This plays a major role in understanding the pattern of the exam. At the end of the webex, you would be provided with the two documents:
    - Supplementary material (Additional links to go through; which would be part of the exam but wouldnt have got covered in the PDN course).
    - Clinic guide, where topics will be listed with the Knowledge check for each chapter. Overall around 40 questions would be there in this document.
    - Attempt to solve all the knowledge check questions given in the clinic doc, and take your own time to solve, without seeing the answer.
    - Motto is to understand; how the sample questions would be in the exam. You wont notice any of these questions as is it is in the exam. But you can expect to clear the exam if you are able to solve these questions by yourself.
    2 days prior to exam, I have stopped all my project work and revised the PDN course + supplement material. And attempted the exam and cleared it.Definitely all my preparation helped me to clear the exam.
    Note: Not sharing any questions due to Non-Disclosure Agreement.

    Regarding toughness level, it is on par with the CLSA Readiness exam. Without preparation, it will definitely be a difficult one. And hands-on experience would help you answer the questions with confidence. Along with your project experience: if you have practised the exercised it would help. I haven't found any articles regarding this exam on web: so sharing this, so that atleast few might find it useful. Thanks.

  2. Where to register for CLSA Architecture clinic exam?

    1. Hi, You can register for CLSA Architecture Clinic from PDN. PDN Academy> Browse Library> Search for CLSA architecture clinic. You can find a course. If you enter there, you can find list of sessions available w.r.t slots available. You can enroll by providing details. That's it.vYou would receive a confirmation email as well on the time and session with WebEx link.


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