Tuesday, May 26, 2020

How to search for Final or Internal rules in Pega

This is a good to know feature in Pega. For Pega developers, it is usual task where we need to open some of the internal/final rules of Pega, to understand the expected behavior.

To set the context, I would like to search for a final rule: pzGenerateEmailAccount from DEV STUDIO. In earlier versions we used to have a work-around by prefixing with "old:". In the latest versions of Pega, old: syntax is deprecated. So below is one of the ways to search for the final/internal rule.

Step-by-Step Illustration:

#1 Search for the rule (example: pzGenerateEmailAccount) from DevStudio
     #1.1 Note that there are no results shown (as highlighted in screenshot).
#2 Navigate to Operator >> Preferences
#3 And locate Diagnostics on Preferences
    #3.1 Select the checkbox "Enable diagnostic features"
    #3.2 Click on Save.
#4 No need to logoff. Search for same rule again "pzGenerateEmailAccount"
     #4.1 Note that results are shown in the search.
Likewise, you can use this configuration enabled if you usually run into scenarios where you need to understand the code of internal rules of Pega. Or else to open final rules for the history.

Note: Post credits goes to "Vamsi Kruthiventi" for requesting and contributing to the article



  1. Interesting. This is one way. There are other two ways which we can use to search for final or internal rules in Pega
    1. Add Pega Development ruleset to the application stack
    2. Private edit IsAPegaDeveloper when rule and change the setting to true.


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