Monday, January 3, 2022

How to build a consolidated portal in Pega

Here is a scenario based question, which would test your design skills/solutioning approaches/thought process/and your knowledge of Pega with latest versions. Feel free to comment your answer. 

If Pega operator is having access to multiple applications, user needs to click on Switch Application to switch to other application OOTB. Pain-point with this approach is: user cannot look at more than one application at once.
  • Instead requirement is to build one consolidated portal that consists of applications (to which user has access to) in a card view 
  • Each application should also show the count of tasks/assignments that are assigned to him/her. 
How would you design system to meet this requirement ?
Note: Design should be able to accommodate future requirements as well.

Mock Screenshot of Consolidated Portal:

Monday, December 27, 2021

SAML SSO Authentication with Mashup use-case

 Hi All, 

This post gives a detailed steps involved in achieving a real time use-case of applying SSO.

  • SAML SSO with Pega Mashup use-case
  • Embed one Pega application into other Pega application
  • Bigger picture of how Single Sign On (SSO) is applied to enterprise applications. 
  • Conceptualization and Tips to achieve the use-case in real time projects

Saturday, December 18, 2021

Open ID Connect SSO Authentication with Pega

 Hi All, 

In this post, below are the key concepts explained with the help of video:

  • Introduction to Open ID Connect Authentication
  • Sequence of steps involved in Open ID Connect Authentication
  • Implementation and Demo
  • And Tips for Debugging

Saturday, December 11, 2021

SAML SSO Authentication Part 2

 Hi All, 

Here is the SAML SSO Authentication with implementation. 

  • Step1: Configuration that needs to be done at Identity Provider (Azure AD)
  • Step2: Configuration that needs to be done at Service Provider (Pega Platform)
  • Step3: Demo the use-case, where end-user logs in via SSO SAML URL. 

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