Saturday, May 2, 2020

Fundamentals of SOAP Service Endpoint and WSDL

In this post, we talk about basic points of Calculator SOAP Service Endpoint:
SOAP Service endpoint URL
Service Name: Calculator

For every SOAP service, there will be WSDL (Web Service Description Language) which mentions about the service and the operations it supports. Basically it is metadata which contains XSD's that relates to request and response envelopes.
Example: Calculator service supports below operations.

WSDL URL can be derived with the below formula:
WSDL URL = SOAP Service endpoint URL +"?wsdl"
In this case WSDL URL is :
Hit the above WSDL URL on browser and observe WSDL's content and operations (ADD, MULTIPLY, DIVIDE, SUBTRACT):

Documentation of the Calculator Service:
Please also go through documentation of this service in this link: Calculator Service Documenation => Click Here

Whenever there is a SOAP service that we need to consume from Pega/some other client/some other system: we need to carry out the above steps everytime:
  1. What is the SOAP service endpoint URL?
  2. Can we access the SOAP service WSDL file by appending ?wsdl to the endpoint URL?
  3. Is there WIKI link for the SOAP service to look for documentation.
  4. What is the sample SOAP Request?
  5. What is the sample SOAP Response?
  6. Once we have the above, before coding anything in Pega: we need to play-around with the service from clients like POSTMAN or SOAPUI. How to hit the SOAP service endpoint with multiply request to get the result is mentioned in this post: Click here
  7. Once playing around with service is done from clients like POSTMAN or SOAPUI. Then we can start noting down the design of how to achieve the same use-case in Pega.
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