Thursday, July 4, 2019

Pega CLSA Readiness Exam Review

I have cleared CLSA Readiness exam in March 2019. And my preparation includes below sequence.
  • Covered PDN course for all the lessons given. 
  • Advanced Topics given for Security, Agents, UX, App Performance, Mobile.
  • Hands-on in each advanced topic will give you more confidence. 
  • I have taken quizzes of each lesson to understand the format of the questions they would ask in exam. 
Note: It's better to discuss each and every topic with your peers, so that you can have better understanding on each concept. This helped me a lot which boosted my confidence.
After covering all the advanced concepts given go through CSSA course (revise lesson by lesson).

Points where I felt the exam is tough:
  • There are some questions (5 out of 60) with multiple answers like out of 7 choices we need to select 4 and arrange them in order. 
  • Lengthy paragraphs in the questions, where we have to go through and answer. 
  • Questions are bit twisty. Maybe we have to apply common sense sometimes, and sometimes our reading skills. We shouldn't complicate anything in the exam, should think in a simple way.

More points:
  • Scenario based questions. 
  • No pre-defined set of questions can help anybody to clear the exam.
  • Weightage of Security topic is 20%, where we get 10 to 12 questions from Security. So those are straight forward if we are well-versed with the topic. This helped me clearing the exam. 
  • There is enough time of 2 hours to think and answer every question, and do multiple checks in the exam. 
  • And most of the questions would be from the syllabus : i.e. advanced topics itself. If we are clear with those concepts, it should be easy for us.
I have taken 1 month time of preparation daily 2 hours of preparation; and discussed with my colleagues on every advanced topic. We have taken class room based sessions on every advanced topic in a round-robin fashion to make it interesting. This way, we thought it would help us in the next architecture and App build exam as well.

Post exam, I understood there is one more course as Pega CLSA Readiness Clinic which would have given some more insights on sample questions. I recommend upcoming test-takers to go through this before taking the exam:
- to understand sample questions.
- to understand test topics.

Note: Due to Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), not discussing anything related to the questions.

Wish you good luck!!!

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