Thursday, March 28, 2019

CLSA Readiness Review

If you have already appeared for Pega CLSA Readiness Review, please feel free to share your preparation schedule with us :
  • How recently you have appeared for exam.
  • What is the difficulty level.
  • What references are used for preparation.
  • Any mock tests you gave prior to exam.
  • Any suggestions you would give to your juniors.
Please share your experience. It would definitely help/motivate someone clearing the examination.

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  1. I have cleared CLSA Readiness exam in March 2019. And my preparation includes below sequence.

    Covered PDN course for all the lessons given. Advanced Topics given for Security, Agents, UX, App Performance, Mobile : Pick any topic one by one and try to complete it.
    Hands-on in each advanced topic will give you more confidence. And in exam you need not panic for any kind of question. In my case, I have worked on most of the areas except mobile: So I have gone through the PDN advanced courses, and done exercises in my local system.
    I have taken quizzes of each lesson to understand the format of the questions they would ask in exam. Of course in exam we might find lengthy questions with 7 options out of which we need to select 4 and order them (that was bit twisty). But with practice, that can be simplified.
    Note: It's better to discuss each and every topic with your peers, so that you can have better understanding on each concept. This helped me a lot which boosted my confidence.
    After covering all the advanced concepts given go through CSSA course (revise lesson by lesson).

    Points where I felt the exam is tough:

    1. There are some questions (5 out of 60) with multiple answers like out of 7 choices we need to select 4 and arrange them in order.
    2. Lengthy paragraphs in the questions, where we have to go through and answer.
    3. Questions are bit twisty. Maybe we have to apply common sense than stressing on analytically. Thehy are not straight forward questions.

    Points which are cool about CLSA Readiness:

    1. Scenario based questions.
    2. No pre-defined set of questions can help anybody to clear the exam.
    3. Weightage of Security topic is 20%, where we get 10 to 12 questions from Security. So those are straight forward if we are well-versed with the topic. This helped me clearing the exam.
    4. There is enough time of 2 hours to think and answer every question, and do multiple checks in the exam.

    I have taken 1 month time of preparation daily 2 hours of preparation; and discussed with my colleagues on every advanced topic. We have taken class room based sessions on every advanced topic in a round-robin fashion to make it interesting. This way, we thought it would help us in the next architecture and App build exam as well.

    Wish you good luck!!!


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