Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Automob : Identify and Create Data Types

We have completed the prior steps in  ParentPost and landed here to create data type:
In our "Auto Mobile Sales Application", data type is "Customer". We would see how to create data type in this post. 

#1 Navigate to "Data" in the left hand side gadgets, click on data types collapsible icon; and "Add data type"

#2 Select "New Data Type", and enter the details in hand : 

Label: Customer
Description: Customer
Parent Class: Tata-FW-AuMob-Data
Identifier: Tata-FW-AuMobFW-Data-Customer
Applicaiton Layer : Auto Mobile Sales Management Framework//Framework layer
Ruleset : /AuMobSalesMgmt /Framework Ruleset

#3 Add configure source : where you can add the columns. It would create these columns in our data class : Tata-FW-AuMobFW-Data-Customer.
Note that you need to click on "Generate single and list data pages". 
Single data page : we would use in GET operation of existing Customer later.
List Data Page : we would use in auto-complete control, which lists existing customer IDs.

And please decide on the key of this class. Here CustomerID is taken as primary key. So selected the same. 

#4 Then you will be taken to review screen, where you review the columns once again and proceed. 
Please select the types, as dates for appropriate fields. We didn't want to add complexity to this post. So covering only the basic stuff in this post. 

With the above steps, we have created data type : Customer
and the data pages : D_Customer, D_CustomerList

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