Saturday, January 20, 2018

What are the debugging tools you have used in project ?

  • Clipboard - where we can see User Pages, Data Pages, System Pages
  • Tracer - where we see the sequence of rules execution
  • TracerViewer - a tool used to analysed the saved tracer XML; especially used when tracer has lakhs of lines
  • PAL - Performance Analyser; used to analyse performance. Used frequently by developers to guage performance in unit testing too. 
  • PLA - Pega Log Analyser : used to analyse logs. PegaRULES log, PegaALERT log; which would structurally notate the log with log time, query, time taken, .....
  • SMA - System Management Administation is a tool where can configure multiple nodes. And have a control on each node either to view or do some admin level operations. 
  • Remote Tracing - trace the other user's session with the help of requestor ID
  • Logs, Alert log files - Log files is the basic step in debugging any scenario
  • DB Trace - DB Trace would give the information about the DB level queries execution used for debugging

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  1. Thanks for your detailed information about debugging tools. It's so helpful.


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