Monday, May 4, 2020

Connect SOAP Integration wizard in Pega

In Pega, how can we generate all the rules required to integrate/connect to external SOAP service. Answer is we have "Connect SOAP Integration" wizard provided by Pega OOTB. In this article, I will take you through the step-by-step process of the same.

#1 Navigate to Configure >> Integration >> Connectors >> Create SOAP Integration

#2 Enter the WSDL URL. In this post, we would use the same example of calculator
  •      Service Name: Calculator
  •      Operation Name: Multiply
  •      WSDL URL:
  •      Once WSDL URL is entered, click on "Next"

#3 In Calculator Service, we have four operations available. In this example, we would choose only one operation to keep it simple:

  • Select Multiply Operation
  • Click on Next

#4 This is a crucial step to provide your layer name and ruleset name:

  • Select Name of Integration: Operations // Pick your own name which makes sense
  • Look at the Integration class: MyOrg-Int-Operations
  • Ruleset Name: OperationInt // This is useful to move these rules to other apps if required.
  • Click on "Create"

#5 Click on "Preview". And foresee the rules getting generated in Pega.

  • Click on "Create"

#6 Pega would generate the rules and the summary would be given as below.

  • In the happy path: we would be okay with the rules created. And click on "Close" button to proceed.

#7 All the above steps, there is nothing much we did. Everything Pega has given, and we are using it.

  • Once rules are generated, open App Explorer from left. And look-up for our Integration class i.e. "MyOrg-Int-Operations" and open the rules one-by-one.

So we have generated all the rules required to connected to external SOAP Service

  • Connect-SOAP
  • Parse XML
  • XML Stream
  • Request Mapping properties
  • Response Mapping properties

Now, we are all set to use the above rules in a data page to do the below:
  • To pass two numbers in the multiplication request via Request Mapping
  • To get the multiplication result via Response Mapping

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