Thursday, March 28, 2019

CPDC Certification Review

If you have already appeared for Pega CPDC Certification Review, please feel free to share your preparation schedule with us :
  • How recently you have appeared for exam.
  • What is the difficulty level.
  • What references are used for preparation.
  • Any mock tests you gave prior to exam.
  • Any suggestions you would give to your juniors.
Please share your experience. It would definitely help/motivate someone clearing the examination.

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  1. I have cleared CPDC Certification in November 2018. And my preparation includes below sequence.

    Covered PDN course for all the lessons given. Exercise after each course is a must. Even if you are not interested, blindly follow the detailed steps given in the solution. That will be enough for you to know what is what and to clear the exam.
    And then once done with step #1, 1 quick revision is needed to assess yourself.
    Reset all the quizzes from PDN, and give an attempt to test yourself.
    Give Practice exam for CPDC available in PDN. Questions given in practice exam are similar to the ones we receive in the exam. Questions will slightly altered, not exactly the same.
    And go through some sample quiz online in PDN (Refer to the one in this blog, which could be helpful too). Or collect reviews from people who have given certification recently.
    One day before the exam, please revise the entire course: and make sure you watch solution video atleast once. That will help you to get good score.
    Anyways I have followed above track, and passed the exam with 87%. I have cleared in 7.2V1 as I started learning in that version which has 73 questions and time of 90 minutes. CPDC 7.4 course is easy and it contains 63 questions and time of 90 minutes. Whoever is new to decisioning, and would like to complete CPDC CPDC 7.4 is good to start with as it is more interactive, and less theory to remember compared to 7.2.

    Ultimately people say questions are tricky, easy. To me, I felt exam is difficult and I took 30 days for preparation given 2 hours per day to cover the above steps to be confident before appearing for the exam.

    Wish you good luck!!!


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