Friday, March 30, 2018

How to make Data Page to be loaded asynchronously

Thinks about a Data Page which is sourced via Connect rule (ex: Connect-REST)
How can we make this data page to be loaded asynchronoulsy ?

Context of this question:
If we have Connector activity where we are using Connect-REST method, we have an option to "Run In Parallel". Instead if Connect-REST is directly specified in data page as a source, then how we can make this connnector/data page loaded asynchronously.
Note: Further clarity would be given in the step by step Illustration.

  1. Use an activity wherever we are referring data page, instead we can use this activity method Load-DataPage.
  2. Provide poolID in the params to the Load-DataPage activity method
  3. Wherever you want to ensure that Data Page should have been loaded prior to an operation; place a Connect-Wait shape with the PoolID specified. 

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