Monday, February 5, 2018

Pega CSA certification Reviews

If you have already appeared for Pega CSA certification, please feel free to share your preparation schedule with us :
  • How recently you have appeared for exam.
  • What is the difficulty level.
  • What references are used for preparation.
  • Any mock tests you gave prior to exam.
  • Any questions you would like to share (atleast one favorite question).
  • Any suggestions you would give to your juniors.
Please share your experience. It would definitely help/motivate someone clearing the examination.


  1. Hi all recently i have given the CSA certification.
    how i prepared is i have gone through the pdn videos and csa training sessions,after completion of training they ask you to give mock test it would be helpful to us.along with pdn gone through some muck test which is available in different websites. try to concentrate on key areas like CASE MANAGEMENT,REPORT DEFINITION,SLA you will get good score.

    1. Firstly congratulations Azar on clearing CSA. Thanks for sharin your preparation path with us. It helps.


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