Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Debugging Tools

What are the debugging tools you have used in your Pega Applications ?  I have jotted down few of them from my experience. Feel free to comment if I have missed any.
Pega Tools: 
  1. Clipboard 
  2. Tracer
  3. PAL (Performance Analyzer)
  4. Pega Log Viewer
  5. Pega Diagnostic Cloud (PDC)
  6. LogViewer
  7. TracerViewer
  8. Pega Log Analyzer (PLA) 
 Generic/Non-Pega Tools: 
  1. F12-Developer Tools 
  2. Fiddler/Wireshark
  3. Postman/SOAPUI
  4. Eclipse MAT heap Dump Analyser
  5. Thread dump analyzer :
  6. GC log analyser :
  7. SAML Tracer

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