Wednesday, May 6, 2020

How to view the rules generated by Wizards in Pega

Usually we run many wizards in Pega, as part of Application development. Is there any way that we can navigate and track those rules created by the wizard at a later point of time for some reasons. In this post, we would show the way on how to navigate to wizard runs in Pega. This is not a conceptual post. Instead just a good to know feature.

Step by Step Illustration:

#1 Navigate to Configure >> Application >> Tools >> All Wizards

#2 You would have a complete list of wizard runs with your operator ID. If you want to look at other operator's you can change the filter option. And then look for the results to click the interested wizard run ID based on the time stamp.

#3 That would give you a view of number of rules created as part of that wizard run, along with the rules. 

#4. Also, if you want to find out if a particular rule is created by wizard, navigate to History and Usage tab in Documentation tab of rule form. if it is created by wizard, it will have generic description that rule is created automatically. And in usage you would notice "generated" keyword. In earlier versions of Pega, it used to capture the wizard run ID like pxDataSource-3, but in the latest versions that is removed. 

The above applies to any kind of wizard that we run from Pega. Hope this helps.



  1. Here, our ask to differentiate rule created by Wizard and rule updated/created by operator. if rule is created by wizard and on later if any operator do any update on rule. it would be valid update. and it may be the case that operator would not update Usage or Description entries. Therefore, would you confirm which entry would be uniquely identifying that rule is solely created by Wizard and yet not updated by any operator.
    looking forward your earliest response.

    1. Well, in that case: I would stick to timestamp of the rules generated by wizard. Along with that I would and go and look for history tab of all rules to look at the instance created by wizard, and the manual update with timestamp info we have. I don't think for this we have any automated utility ready made. If needed, we can write our own report to suit this need.


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