Friday, May 15, 2020

Trace unauthenticated requestor from other requestor in Pega

In Pega, we usually run into scenarios where we want to trace some user's session while user enters credentials and clicks on Login Button.
#1. User hits Pega URL enters username, password. And clicks on Login button.
#2. On user's click of "Login" button, as a developer you would like to trace user's session which is still unauthenticated.

Note: If both the requestors are authenticated, you can do use a remote tracer from Tracer itself or from the Requestors of Admin Studio. In the given above scenario user didn't even login to the system because of which remote trace would be bit tricky. So presenting below approach anyone can follow:

Step by Step Illustration:

#1 In the below image, left hand side image is where user is in login page, and about to hit the Login button. And right hand side image is where developer is trying to trace the user's session. 

#2 Developer while tracing the user's session, In designer studio, switch to "Admin Studio". 
     #2.1 Navigate to Resources >> Requestors which would take you to the list of requestors.

#3 In the requestors list, we can use filter on the Type column.
     #3.1 Filter Type column to "BROWSER" // since user is trying to login via Browser.
     #3.2 With the help of columns OperatorID: none, and Last access column time, identify the user's requestor.

#4 So, we have identified the right requestor. For that requestor row, select Trace as highlighted in below screenshot. 

#5 To consolidate, we have user who is ready to click on Login button. And developer who is ready with the tracer to trace the requestor. Then user clicks on login button.

#6 Once user clicks on login button>> You can identify that tracer would be filled with the execution steps.

#7 So we are able to successfully trace a session, when user is trying to log-in to Pega.

Note: If you take too much time in opening tracer of None OperatorID from admin studio, it would throw you a pop-up. If that happens with you, please refresh and quickly grab the requestorID from admin studio and trace it.



  1. Excellent post :)
    Very very helpful

  2. Thanks Pavan it's really helpful

  3. This is good but can we trace before the requestor I'd is formed. In our application, LDAP integration will happen using window credentials of user, so in that case we don't even see login screen. Can you please explain on how to trace that


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